Ordinary Photos Made Interesting With Doodles By Online Artist

Ordinary Photos Made Interesting With Doodles By Online Artist

Geir Ove Pedersen, the man behind the famous Snapchat Geeohsnap, is a Norwegian graphic illustrator who loves making people smile with his doodles.

He began doodling on random people in Snapchat in 2014 and today, it became his full-time job.

“I never ask the people when I take the sneaky Snapshots. In that way, I have to force myself to be creative with the random shot I get. An image that looks boring suddenly gets a whole new meaning and story with the doodles!” he said to Bored Panda.

He also edits his own photos, adding some digital drawings to give the picture a new story.

“If I can make you smile that one time just for a second, I feel that I have done something good with my creativity. That one small smile every day can actually change people.”


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#AD @lalandia is such an amazing place and got me thinking today ?? This is a place where kids Imagination becomes real! ? #StenaLineFavouriteplaces ❤ I really love how kids can imagine things or be so creative. It's so sad that many people when they grow up they forget all about using their imagination or beeing creative. Schools, Society and pressure makes us loose it.. Why do we need to be educated in things you'll never need when your passion is to create things? Why do we need learn complicated math, when you're really just a painter? Why don't schools have more choices from young age? Or why the school system is not adapted to how things are today with Social Media? ? Take it from me. I followed my dreams and many people talked down on what I did. People with higher educated jobs laughted at me when I said I was working on becoming a Creative Snapchatter. I never gave up and I worked really hard in what I believed in. Thanks to my imagination and creativity I became one of the most creative Snapchatters in the world. IN THE WORLD! Today I get to do this full time and are making a living of it. Using my imagination and creativity. I think everyone should be a kid again. Put on a rocket and launch into you imagination and dreams ?❤ #beakidagain #imagination #creativity #Geeohsnap #vector #photoshop #illustrator #adobe #randompeople #rocket #drawingoftheday #drawings #doodle #artwork #draw #stenalinesaga #sociaomedia #some #travel #traveling #denmark #billund

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