Dad Jokes That Are So Bad They’re Actually Kinda Funny

Dad Jokes That Are So Bad They’re Actually Kinda Funny

We’ve all heard them. We’ve all groaned at them in unison while unsuccessfully trying to keep the grin on our face. Dad jokes are an unoriginal or unfunny joke, usually told by middle-aged or older men, and of one variety: a bunch of bad puns. Really bad puns with predictable and cringe-worthy punchlines.

They’re not all corny, and they usually make us chuckle, even if we don’t want to admit it. Looking for a good (or bad) laugh? Here then are some of the best dad jokes we found on Twitter.


Keeping It Currant


This comedic father was really “raisin” the bar. His daughter tweeted out a screenshot that quickly went viral. Follow the thread for more grocery-related jokes.


What a Marvelous Joke


Which planet do you think dads belong to?


Not Safe for Parties


It almost makes us rethink the need of bouncy castles at parties.


Word on the Street


Pro tip: Don’t stop singing “Wonderwall” because who will save this wife from her husband’s jokes?


The Micro


This Islamic educator is a true dad joke maven. You definitely did not see that coming!


Healthy Wrestlers Do Exist!


Not all wrestlers load up on the good stuff; some do stay away.


Solo Eclipse of the Son


What if “Star Wars” added dad jokes into its script? This is what Han Solo would sound like!


Mark Hamill’s Retro Rerun


Does this mean Luke Skywalker is Rey’s father? Cue the fan theories.


Europe Loses Some Pounds


It will be freed up at about 1 gigabyte per second! Brexit lends itself to many a humorous situation.


Dad Jokes With Jin


Kim Seok-ji or Jin from South Korean band, BTS, is known for his ridiculous dad jokes. The fans love it even as they groan along.


No Reservations


Dads can sometimes be adorable and even worthy of being taken out to nice meals at restaurants.


What’s Spanish for Milk?


Shaun McKnight is at the top of the totem pole when it comes to dad jokes. He actually curates them on Twitter, and his daughters approve!


What’s in a Name?


Sometimes, dads don’t need too much inspiration to decide on a baby name.


It’s a Hoot


Little known fact: If you blink 182 times, Blink 182 bassist Mark Hoppus appears and will tell you a dad joke.


Parenting Done Right


A grizzly bear can be no match for a dad determined to impart some knowledge.


Dad Bods Are In


It’s apparently everyone’s favorite body type!


Do the Hokey Pokey


Because, sometimes, that’s what it’s all about.


Reboot Your Machine


Are you a Powerpoint Ranger?


The Undisputed King


Stick to the horror writing only, Stephen King!


Dad Joke: Babadook Version


We love this twist on one of the first and most popular dad jokes ever. Get ready to be horror-fied!


It’s a Sign


It’s not the most obvious dad joke but gets points for imagery. Someone call M. Night Shyamalan stat.


All Hail the Queen


We think Freddie Mercury would approve.


It’s a Miracle!


The lord would certainly not approve of these lies.


Do You Think Jokes Are SEC Approved?


The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has a regional branch that takes its role a bit more humorously online. Regional Director Shamoil Shipchandler is responsible for many of the account’s #DadJoke gems.


Such a Grind


Should this journalist be free to “espresso” his own opinion?


Payback Is Sweet


This ordinary dad of two frequently tweets about being a father and the parenting mishaps he experiences. We think he has resorted to dad jokes to get back at the kids for all the projectile vomit clean-ups, being woken up at odd times and dinners eaten off the floor.


Womb Service


This legend — television personality Sean Lowe — started with the jokes even before his baby was born. His wife wasn’t impressed, but everyone else was. It’s the level of “dadness” most men want to reach.


Waiter, There’s a Dad Joke in My Food!


The senior writer at ESPN packs lunch boxes with special notes for his kids. The sweet surprises in it are the jokes, accompanied by scrawny pen drawings. This is off-the-menu content we don’t deserve (or need).


The Vest Is Yet to Come


This is just another dad making his way through fatherhood with humor, wry observations and good investments.


Captain Obvious


Not a dad, but definitely on Tinder. We would have to swipe right on this!


Cordon What?


This neighborhood sergeant usually tweets about his work and living with autism. And he doesn’t let anything come in the way of him and his jokes, ever.


What Crap?!


This former athlete and proud father takes his pooping seriously.


Paging Dr. Who


Only a tech nerd can come up with a joke that’s heavy, yet funny.


Keeping score


This father is on his own trip.


Rock On


This geology professor is one true genius.


Science Is No Joke


When in doubt, ask the parent. Give this dad an honorary science medal already.


Parroting the Truth


It’s the heartwarming story of the jungle that isn’t feature in the “Jungle Book.”


Two Toms Walked Into a Bathroom…


There are dad jokes, and then there are Tom-Hanks-told-in-the-bathroom-at-the-Oscars-dad-jokes.


Jail Shots


Do patrol officers have patrol officers to keep them clean and away from dad jokes?


This Is Top Gun!


We think Loggins would be proud of this karaoke attempt.


A Star (War) Is Born


Even when depressed, Darth knows how to keep on giving those punch lines.


What a Monster!


The next furry convention will be lit!




Jessica Vosk is no dad, but the actress/singer, best known for her role in “Wicked,” believes in the power of humor. She gets a pass because this joke, though old, is still gold.


Hot Dog!


Not exactly a dad, but here’s a guide dog with a sense of humor that relates to dads.


Source:  Family Minded

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